Jew’s ear soup (hold the Jew’s ear)

Jew’s ear soup (hold the Jew’s ear)

Jew's ear fungusJew’s ear is a species of Auriculariales fungus found growing mainly on dead wood worldwide. And really, on a dead stump, far from the dinner table, is where it should’ve been left. It is a popular ingredient in many Chinese dishes and can readily be found on most restaurant menus – usually in the form of a cold salad, dressed with soy and vinegar, or in chunky pieces in soups. The mushroom itself is quite astonishing. The size of a hand and beautifully aubergine hued, they really do resemble ears in an almost disturbing way. But that is where the astonishment ends. To describe this mushroom as gelatinous with a mild flavour is to be unjustifiably kind. Jew's ear fungusYou know that little piece of cartilage you find along the breast bone of a chicken? The one that is so soft and thin, you don’t even realise you’ve cut through it until you unpleasantly bite down on a mouthful? Jew’s ears taste like that. Squeaky, softly rubbery, and with no discernible flavour at all. I am yet to try a dish I like them in. But I am nothing if not an adventurous eater, so I tried to incorporate them into a creamy mushroom soup.

 To make the mushroom soup:

1) Prepare your favourite mushroom soup recipe.

2) DO NOT use any Jew’s ear mushrooms in your soup WHATSOEVER. They are vile. They will bring nothing to the table in terms of flavour and will merrily add a yucky, rubbery texture that will not zip up with a blender. Attempting to use them in a creamy soup will have disastrous consequences. If you absolutely have to try them, here is a recipe for soup that uses them whole.


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  1. The only good thing about these mushrooms is that, arranged properly, they make a great photograph – almost a work of art.

  2. This is a terrible slang name given to these mushrooms and should be changed. Jews aren’t black anyway..
    Maybe they should rather call them dead stump mushrooms. Start another petition?

    • If the petition gets the same response as my last one, I’m afraid they’ll be Jew’s ears forever! But yes, dead stump mushrooms would also better describe their taste. Dull dead stump mushrooms.

      • petitions should always be worded in the negative – since exposure will always be limited, and you will be told “everybody who didn’t sign didn’t care” – so word your petitions in the negative, and it will look like everybody wants what you want!

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