On faltering follicles

On hairy crabs

On Mandarin

On torture (or what to expect from your bed in China)

On being 36 and childless



Supermarket products: Little Sheep Mutton Kebabs, Yurun hams and sausages

Make your own: Tortillas, Sundried tomatoes

Chinese food (they just call it food): Shanghai street food

Chinese dinner table etiquette

Coping with China’s hard beds


Useful links:

CNN Go– Packed with info on where to go, what to eat and curiosities to look out for.

Lost Laowai  – Lots of expat info and informative pieces on everyday life that will make you feel less like you’re going it alone.

China Expat (Facebook) – Informative forum on Facebook that also collates the weird and funny moments China throws at you every day.

Life on Nanchang Lu– Everything you ever wanted to know about Shanghai street food.

City Weekend: Shanghai  – Up to the minute listings of restaurants, spas, theater, nightlife and all things happening in Shanghai.Guides for Beijing and Guangzhou are also available.

A totally impractical guide to living in Shanghai – Will have you going “Yes! That’s totally how it is!” every time you read it.